New formula development

Depending on your needs, we can develop new product formulas, avoiding ingredients that are unwanted and/or adding those that will give product certain benefits. Besides certain function of the product, we help you to perfection the product with the right texture, colour and fragrance.

Adjusting ready-made formulas

We have a wide range of ready-made formulas, which have been tested in the market for several years and can be quickly adjusted in order to infuse them with your brand essence.

Product testing

Besides the standard product testing, such as stability tests, microbial and preservative testing, we also offer various skin tests, for example, dermatological testing and spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis.

Active ingredient research

In cooperation with research laboratories and universities, we offer wide spectrum of researches for active ingredients in order to find innovative and proved-to-be-effective solutions for your products. One of the latest in vitro researches of birch sap revealed that it can boost cell regeneration processes by 20.

Product manufacturing

Our product manufacturing equipment is of high quality, modern and efficient. We are able to fill both – bottles and tubes, as well as manufacture product samples (sachets).

Ingredient and packaging sourcing

With a wide range of suppliers, we are able to source the ingredients you are willing to have in your products – whether those are tropical fruit or delicate Northern flower extracts. We also offer a possibility to help you find suppliers for product packaging – both primary (flacons, bottles, tubes) and secondary (cardboard boxes).

Product certification

We offer development of products, according to ECOCERT and/or COSMOS natural and organic standards.

Marketing material sourcing

To promote your brand, we can help you in finding printing companies, which will help you to realize your ideas!

Delivery to any destination in the world

We work with the largest delivery companies in the world and are able to deliver your products to any destination in the world safely and timely.